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The Latest Buzz - The Secrets Issue (220) - Favorite Amanda/Wilder scene.

Wilder: Nice work on the kissing article Amanda. Inspired me to make this little coupon for you!

Amanda: Good for one first with Wilder. Someone thinks highly of themselves!

Wilder: You’re going to have a first kiss sometime and when you do. I want to be there.  And by that I don’t mean watching as you kiss someone else.  What do you think?

Amanda: I don’t know. This is all so new to me.

Wilder: Well A first kiss isn’t just something you jump into.

Amanda: Not that, I’ve never held a coupon before.

Wilder: There’s no expiration date!

Amanda: Is there usually?

Wilder: Not in a case like this. Save for when you’re ready. I’ve got nothing but time and coupon making utensil.

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