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Filed under no everyone stop what you're doing right now because there is no way it is as important and this episode this is literally the best episode in the history of any television show ever paige and i have a new holiday dedicated to it your argument is invalid kim possible s[3] e[59] gifs[2] drakken

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One GIFset per episode [x]

JAMES: Drew? Drew Lipsky?

KIM: Wait, he’s the guy from college? My arch foe? 

JAMES: Well, he didn’t used to be blue, I can tell you that much.

DRAKKEN: Oh, but I was blue. On the inside. Scorned by my so-called friends. My… my posse. 

Attack of the Killer Bebes

Filed under this is easily in the running to be the best episode of season 1 because character development everywhere and backstory GOD BLESS BACKSTORIES gifset per ep kim possible s[1] e[09] gifs[2]